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Before I continue lecturing and post my 15th Lesson, I’ll give you a slight C++ break. This will be in order to provide you with some additional explanations to previous chapters. This decision is based on comments and questions you've submitted to some of my C and C++ topics (yes I read your posts :) You can see there are some fresh lectures regarding C Numerical Systems and Numeric System Conversions, while further explanations and examples regarding Numeric Data Storage and #include library references will also be provided soon. Remember, some of these chapters aren't necessary for you to obtain C & C++ knowledge, but are great material to understand computer’s logic and “behind curtains” view, of how things work inside the machine. This topic is also a great chance for you to post more questions and proposals for my future in-depth C++ articles. Sorry if the site is gonna look a little messy these days… It’s because I’m adding tons of new C++ stuff ;)

Comments section is temporarly moderated, but feel free to post your questions, It just takes some time for them to show up (after I approve them by hand).

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