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Purpose: "This website will provide you with lessons and quality material to learn basics of C language programming in just a few days. All you have to do is visit it here and then and read trough my lessons. You will notice I'm putting new lessons every day or two. It would be practical if you had Visual Studio installed on your computer and used it parallel to this lessons, but again it isn't neccessary... just follow and read theese lessons and examples, and you'll be on your way! Let's not waste time, here we go..."

Wednesday, March, 8. 2006

Before I continue lecturing and post my 15th Lesson, I’ll give you a slight break. This will be in order to provide you with some additional explanations to previous chapters. This decision is based on comments and questions you've submitted to some of my topics (yes I read your posts :) You can see there are some fresh lectures regarding Numerical Systems and Numeric System Conversions, while further explanations and examples regarding Numeric Data Storage and #include library references will also be provided soon. Remember, some of these chapters aren't necessary for you to obtain C knowledge, but are great material to understand computer’s logic and “behind curtains” view, of how things work inside the machine. This topic is also a great chance for you to post more questions and proposals for my future in-depth articles. Sorry if the site is gonn’a look a little bit messy these days… It’s because I’m adding tons of new stuff ;)

Comments section is temporarly moderated, but feel free to post your questions, It just takes some time for them to show up (after I approve them by hand).

Thursday, March, 2. 2006

Last few days I got some surprisingly high traffic as a result of my link being posted on Digg.com front page. Thanks to all of you who digged my link and managed it to stay at the top for decent amount of time. You can still digg my story if you wish and help this page get recognized by wider audience. I also submitted my Tutorials to some other tutorial submission-based portals and expect more visitors to provide my knowledge to. What can I do, I like tutoring people, even if they don’t want me to – better to be put – still not aware they want to be learnt, but heck, I’ll convince you! ;) Hehe… Don’t forget, if you’re stuck at some point during my lessons, feel free to ask (under comments), and I’ll be more than glad to help you, if I can offcourse.

Friday, February, 24. 2006

For all you who had problems, and complained reading through my lessons on a black background, I've added new layout! It's usual black-on-white style similar to regular sheet of paper. We don't want no technicalities discourage you in your learning quest. I appreciate every comment you make regarding design. Would like to hear if you like this template more then previous,black one or should I remove it… maybe even implement it for good. It’s just that I really do care for my audience…

Thursday, February, 23. 2006

Some major things happened for this tutorial website yesterday. The news about my site was picked up by OSNews.com and appeared on some other major news sites. Digg, Reddit, Newsgator... all of them brought huge revenue of visitors and increased traffic sky rocket. You can see the graph underneath, showing big jump today and yesterday after appearing on OS News front page. I would also like to thank all of you who submitted C++ Maniac to other tutorial submitting pages and helped this website being recognised. Also to clear some questions: This website is about tutorials on C programming language for now, but in the future (after I cover all the steps for C), I’ll start second, C++ tutorial. Even though name of this site is C++ Maniac, don’t let it mislead you. Expect Lesson 10 later this evening. Over and out.

Monday, February, 20. 2006

Lessons 7 and 8 are online as you may have noticed. I've submitted C++ Maniac to some other programming websites and tutorial directories. This brought a big rewenue of readers which now motivates me even more to concentrate on my lessons and example codes. I've also receieved some good recensions and was pointed to some little mistakes. All is fixed now (it was mainly about common programming terms used in English which isn't my native language, and some tips on improving text formatting so that the code is more understandable to an eye. Alltogether I'm really satisfied with feedback and please continue dooing so. Also all your help on linking to my website and sugesting my URL to other programming webistes is more then welcome. I appreciate it very much.

Thursday, February, 16. 2006

I've upped the 6th lesson and you can expect next one tomorrow or the day after. You can also see the banner I've just designed. I’m looking for affiliates that would rotate my banner on their homepage. If you like my project and would like to help, feel free to use it and post it where you think it’s helpful and allowed. Your help is much appreciated. I’m really enthusiastic about my lessons and want to share them with anyone who could use help on programming. Here’s the banner, and you can get the code below.

If you want to help and advertise C++ Maniac, put this code in your webpage template:

<a href="http://www.visualcmaniac.com/"><img
src=http://img54.imageshack.us/img54/6704/cmaniacbanner0lh.jpg border=0
width="468" height="60"></a>

Tuesday, February, 14. 2006

Just a quick update on site news... Today a friend of mine (guy from another forum) helped me buy unique web domain, so from now on you can also load C++ Maniac from following domain: www.visualcmaniac.com. It's already updated, but before I find a good hosting possibility it will be used only as URL redirection back to visualcplus.blogspot.com. Never the less, feel free to bookmark new domain, even though the old one will also be in function - permanently. Hope this will make our community grow faster, or at least help you in remembering site's url, so you don't loose this site from your sight ;)

Sunnday, February, 12. 2006

I must say your response to my project surprised me bigtime! Am really glad I got such positive feedback, it's that what gives me enthusiasm and motivation to continue providing you with this material. If you know someone who could benefit from these Lessons feel free to give them my link.

I was also thinking of buying web domain for this site, but since I'm not really informed about possibilities and ways of applying, I think rather of finding a sponsor domain company where I could apply and get domain for free, in exchange of putting this company's banner in my sidebar. If you know of such companies or have experience in obtaining such trade, feel free to contact me at vurdlakATgmail.com (replace AT with @). I'd be grateful.

As you see 4 lessons are up in 4 day period, and I'll keep trying to write on short period basis. If you think I'm going to fast, response and I'll slower down. That's It for my first news entry...

4 Responses to “Purpose...”

  1. Anonymous nane 

    i'm really speak spanish, but i'm glad to read your blog, you are doing a great job here.


    Regards from Colombia

  2. Anonymous Nicholas 

    I've just come across your site from OSNEWS.COM well done to be linked via them!

    I am considering learning C and getting back into programming, I was a basic and asmbler programmer in the past.


    good luck with tutorials and updates, its nice to see that you are generating some support in the background.

  3. Anonymous Suresh 

    I,m the Student and all the things over here ....wow........gr8 work.......

  4. Anonymous Prakash Kokkattu 

    Thanks for ur gr8 C tutorials...will this be available as pdf or all in one html :) Thanks

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